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What can you expect?
New Products are in progress of being posted. New products included, but not limited to, Zodiac Incense Holders, Zodiac Magnets, Crystals, Incense, Atomic Love Potions, Wood Art Portal Tapestries, digital download & printed Prosperity Posters, Voodoo Dolls, Rosaries, Pendulums, Pendulum Boards, and more!
Cosmic Scoops are also being set up, which will include many of the mentioned above (plus tons more). There will be different types of scoop packages to choose from, each containing different products. Some items may be sold out, so stay tuned for restock dates. 

The Custom S.P.A.C.E. Services Packages are being reworked since so many new services have been added. We are officially switching to only a "Create Your Universe" package until the energy services that are currently on hold can be offered again.

Last but not least, Ace By Energy is very excited to announce that a vast array of courses & classes will be offered online, and some in person for the local area. So stay tuned for information, dates, and times to be announced. 

Updated Service List

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- Cosmic Scoops -

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- Courses & Classes -

Coming Soon

Special Feature:

Dowsing Pendulum Earrings!

What is a Dowsing Pendulum Earring?

Dowsing pendulums are a metaphysical tool used to detect and measure quantitative energy fields, such as chakras, portals & auras. They  may also be used for communication between yourself and multi-dimensional entities. Pendulums have their own energy, so it is important to create a bond with them, because it is up to you to program your pendulum and how you wish to use it.

Your Pendulum is an extension of you, so these particular Pendulums have been created to be multi-purpose. They serve as a metaphysical measuring tool, as well as a stylish drop earring or hair piece. Wearing a pendulum as an earring or in your hair, serves as a bonding technique. This allows for you and the pendulum to create a stable connection so as to establish trust, and receive accurate readings. 

Newly Available:

Cosmic Canvas Collection


Dowsing Pendulum Earrings

I am pleased to announce that the shop has Dowsing Pendulum Earrings, as well as my newest art adventure, the Cosmic Canvas Collection!


The canvas art presents colorful depictions of the planets within our solar system through various mediums such as holographic paint and channeled gold and silver leaf symbols. These paintings are out of this world and really know how to show the cosmos how to sparkle! 



What else is in the shop?

You will find an array of beautiful handmade jewelry with one of a kind crystal specimens. All products are Reiki charged, and all crystals are handpicked right here in Hot Spring, Arkansas.

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