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Receive a Rewards Card when you come in for your first service. Remember to bring your card with you every time you come in, and you will get a mark for each service you receive.

Buy 10 services, Get your 11th FREE.
Your free service may be up to a $75.00 value.

Service Rewards cards are currently only available for in person appointments until the digital rewards program is available for those booking services via phone or video chat. Online rewards program coming soon.

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Energy Shields

Protecting your energy is always important. So here we provide a service dedicated to shielding you from unwanted energies.

Not sure if  Shielding is for you? Sit down with us or call for a FREE 15 minute consultation!

Reiki Healing


Reiki Cleanse

Reiki promotes the balance between mind, body, & spirit. Here we remove blockages and open the flow of energy to aid your natural regenerative abilities.

Need an extra energy detox boost? Try a Reiki Cleanse!

Crystal Healing


Chakra Balance

Crystal Healing and Chakra Balance brings forth a re-balancing of the energies within you to promote love, healing, and protection.


If you love rocks just as much as we do, then these sessions are perfect for you!

Tarot & Tea


Tarot & Tea Readings will delve into any questions you have over any topic of your choosing. The readings will be supported by Oracle cards, as well as channeled guidance.

So tell me dear, what would you like to know?

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