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AnnaClaire (Ace) Norton

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About me

AnnaClaire Norton is a professional intuitive and diviner with a lifetime of experience with the metaphysical. At the age of six, she learned of her abilities as a multi clair- psychic when she started receiving premonitions through dreams. She then launched herself into learning the various arts of divination practices found around the world. 


As her experience expanded in her daily life with the unseen forces of the universe, she decided to incorporate her knowledge into her schooling, and graduated from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro with a Bachelors in English and double minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies. She then went on to become a Reiki Master Teacher, and Ordained Minister; receiving her Doctorate in Metaphysics and Doctor of Divinity certifications. She values the importance of education and continues to take accredited courses related to her field of work.

She developed Ace By Energy because of her passion and drive to help others along the path of Awakening, Ascension, and Self- Mastery. 

Existential Well-Being Counseling: Person Centered Experiential Approach Certification (KU Leuven, Belgium, 2022)

Dr. of Metaphysics (Honoris Causa, ULC, USA, 2020)

Doctor of Divinity (ULC, USA, 2020)

Ordained Minister (ULC, USA, 2020)

PredictionX: Omens, Oracles, & Prophecies (Harvard, USA, 2019)

Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) 2018

B. A. English, Philosophy, & Religious Studies (ASU Jonesboro AR, USA, 2018)

 Multi Clair-  Psychic


Multi-Dimensional Traveling

Using my psychic and clairvoyant abilities allows me to travel to different places, dimensions, and realms to bring back information from the past, present, and future.







Crystal Reading

Using my abilities as a clairsentient allows me to feel the energy of crystals and work with them in a way that brings beneficial services to my clients.


Energy Work

As a Reiki Master - Teacher I am able to tap into the natural healing energies of the universal life force to bring beneficial energy services to my clients, as well as other modalities of energy work.







As a channel for metaphysical information, I am able to connect with Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Passed Loved Ones, and Animal Spirit Guides to present messages to clients.

Areas & Topics
Past, Present, & Future

Love, Family, Relationships, Self- Mastery, & other matters of the Heart






Finances, Career, Wealth, Business, Abundance, Responsibility, & other opportunities

Spiritual Growth & Development, Conscious Living, Ascension, & other Metaphysical Practices




Health, Personal Care, Self- Honoring, Medicine, & Life with Illness

About Ace By Energy

Hello lovely souls and welcome to my site! Ace By Energy is designed to offer assistance to anyone on the Path of Self Mastery, Inner Healing, Expanding Awareness, and Conscious Living.

At Ace by Energy my main focus is to bring inner balance and peace to the self, accompanied by the assistance of a variety of services and devices. No matter how big or small the matter may be, self healing is held at the utmost importance. My methods stem from the philosophy of self mastery through the healthy balance between Mind, Body, and Spirit. Becuase you are your own sacred space!

Combining my gifts, education, and other methods has brought me to develop my

"Custom Spiritual Practices And Channeled Energy Services" (Custom S. P. A. C. E. Services).

These services provide a range of in depth analysis that are customizable to everyone's particular needs, so we can work together to figure out what is most beneficial to you to promote a more optimal level of balance for your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

In accompaniment to the "Custom S. P. A. C. E. Services", the "Ace Of Space" Shop provides a variety of metaphysical tools and products such as crystals, candles, incense, art, tapestries, oils, and much more!  Reiki charged wire wrapped crystal jewelry is also available. One of the product specialties provided are the Crystal Snake Protection Amulets which are programmed with the utmost shielding energies to guard you and your home. 

The newest feature in the shop is the "Ace Apothecary". The apothecary provides an array of  loose dried flowers, herbs, spices, and burning resins for the use of ceremonial practices.

I am grateful for everyone that I get to work with and the enlightening experiences we get to share, because I absolutely love what I do and I only want to provide the best services possible to help you "Ace Your Sacred Space".

Love & Light,


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