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What are Custom Energy Shields?

Energy Shield Info

Energy Shields are a protective force that connects with your natural Auric Electromagnetic Field to provide a barrier against unwanted energies and entities.

*DISCLAIMER: Custom Energy Shields are set at a base price of $60.00. Additional fees may be added depending on the complexity of the shield, which will be discussed in the 15 minute consultation. The 15 minute consultation is FREE, whether or not you decide to proceed with the shield.


The Process:

1. 15 Minute Consultation-

> Why you would like shielding

> What it will do for you

> How it can serve you and others

> A quick draw-up of what your custom shield will look like (colors, layers, type, etc..)

> A quick sweep (energy reading) to get an idea about your energy flow and possible blockages

> Discuss possible chakra activations if needed (see #3)

>The amount of time your shielding session will take

> Receive a quote price for your shielding session

NOTE: Depending on the complexity of the shield you may be able to receive your session the day of the consultation, or we will schedule for a later day and time.


2. 15-20 Minute "Reiki Cleanse" Session just to prep your energy and remove blockages that might keep the shield from being anchored properly.

3. Optional: Certain Chakras may be activated (with written and spoken consent given by client during the consultation).

4. Shields up! The shields start by being anchored into the seven main chakras to keep them into place. Then once the initial shield program is set into place, the main anchor is locked into place within the Earth Star chakra, and Muladhara (Root Chakra) as extra support. This serves as the foundation for the whole shield.

5. After the session, we will go over how to continue the care for your shield and possible follow up appointments.

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki Healing Info

Reiki is a method of energy work used to assist the body's natural regenerative abilities by aiding the flow of energy through the body's meridian system. Your meridian system is one big energetic highway that courses through the body as well as your auric field. Reiki is used to work through deep seated blockages in the tissues and nervous system that may cause discomfort and disruption in your daily life. Reiki allows for a more refined energetic flow throughout your meridian system to promote relaxation, and the alleviation of stress and anxiety.

What is a "Reiki Cleanse"?

A "Reiki Cleanse" is a specialty Reiki method formed by owner and founder, AnnaClaire Norton, CRMT. In traditional Usui Reiki, the practitioner will focus on certain areas of the body with specific hand placements to remove blockages so as to allow a more refined energetic flow throughout the body for self healing. A "Reiki Cleanse" includes the traditional Usui method of Reiki, but focuses on the whole body, rather than just specific areas, to provide an energetic cleanse. This serves as a form of full body energetic detox and blockage removal.

*DISCLAIMER 1: Because the "Reiki Cleanse" focuses on full body blockage removal and energetic detox, the minimum time for one session is one hour. Understand that although we focus on the full body, multiple sessions may be needed in order to allow the body time to adjust and heal itself due to long term imbalances.

*DISCLAIMER 2: By no means does a certified Reiki Practitioner or Master - Teacher diagnose conditions, nor prescribe or perform medical treatments, nor prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Reiki does not take place of medical care. It is recommended that the client see a licensed medical professional for any physical or psychological ailment. Reiki is understood to be a compliment to any medical or psychological care to promote stress reduction and relaxation.

Reiki Cleanse Info

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal H. & Chakra B. Info

Crystal Healing is another type of energy work that focuses on the restorative vibrations of crystals, and distributing those various energies to different parts of the body. The use of crystal healing promotes relaxation, stress reduction. and restores the body's natural regenerative abilities by clearing blockages and replenishing diminished energy from your meridian system. Crystal healing may also be used to realign the chakras, activate certain chakras and energies, form protective energy shields, and expand and rebalance your auric field.

What is a Chakra Balance?

A Chakra Balance is the process of realigning the main energy conduits to allow an even distribution of harmonious flow throughout the meridian system. Chakras are the main energy houses that the whole meridian system is connected to. The meridian system connects all of the chakras together. The chakras serve as powerhouses for energy to be stored and released.

Tarot Info

What is Tarot?

Tarot is a set of cards that can be used as tools of metaphysical communication to interact with, and decipher messages from the divine. As tools of communication, the reader may connect with the divine such as angels, ancestors, passed loved ones, spirit guides, and animal guides. The founder of tarot is unknown, but information can be traced back to Italian origins during the time of Dante. Oracle cards are popularly paired with Tarot to allow more in depth information to be channeled and provide interpretive guidance for the reader and the client.

What is Tasseography?

The art of reading tea leaves is older than tarot. Tasseography is a form of geomancy, and the art can be traced back to the discovery of tea itself, around 2737-2697 BCE China. Tasseography is  a form of divination that the reader uses to gain insights about the past, present, and future. This form of divination is not subject to tea leaves only, but includes coffee grounds, and wine sediments as well. Tasseography also serves as a reminder to be more aware of what substances we put into our bodies. The leaves bring forth images relevant to the person drinking from the cup which can then be deciphered. Elements of astrology are also kept in mind when reading tea leaves and their relation to the positioning within the cup.

What is a Natal Chart?

A Natal Chart, also known as a Birth Chart, presents a set of  celestial, and astronomical cartographic information to reveal the synergy of  behaviors, preferences, perception, qualities, and characteristics of an individual. The time and place of birth is key in calculating a birth chart. Once calculated, the chart provides the exact degrees in which celestial bodies are positioned at the time of birth. This then can reveal certain characteristics of an individual and thus provide guidance in how to navigate an individual's soul's journey. 


Natal Chart Calculations can be traced back to the time of Plato & Socrates. This came about when merchants, travelers, and explorers used the stars as a means to navigate the earth. Natal charts use the same cartographic techniques, but rather with the stars and planets in relation to a person rather than a geographical location. However, the location one's birth is also important in understanding how to calculate a birth chart.

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