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Pre - Order

78 Cards + 1 info card

Glossy front & back thick dard stock

3.5 x 5.5 cards

Plain White Tuck box & Logo sticker


"The Retrograde Focus Oracle is intended to be used for all celestial retrogrades, not just Mercury.

Many struggle with retrograde energies and it is found that by focusing on RE- Words during these times cn make the journey easieere to navigate.


The Cards may also predict possible things to occure while in the midst of these significant energies.


My goal is to help you obtain guidance during particular retrogrades by giving you exact themes you cn focus on; so that you cn actively participate in your growth journey, and become more awawre of how to consciously proceed in times of confusion and misdirection. 


I hope this deck helps you find your way.

With many blessings,

AnnaClaire Norton"


Even if you are not into celestial events or astrology, these cards can be helpful in giving you themes to focus on in your life to get you back on track when you feel lost, off track, or like you have hit some sort of wall along your journey. 


For locals only: You will be notified when your order arrives and may come pick it up in person if you do not wish to have it shipped to you. 


For others: All order will take bout  month to get into my hands due to the printing & processing time. Once I recieve the order, I will then be able to mail out your individual decks to you, which can take another week or two. You will recieve notfications in  your email about the stage in which your order is being processed so you can keep track.


Further News: Decks will be available in the physical shop for purchase in the future (TBD)

There will also be an expaansion pack available in the next year or so!



Retrograde Focus Oracle Deck

Expected to start shipping to you after February 1st, 2024
  • The next batch of pre- orders will be taken from Saturday, December 23rd - Thursday, February 1st, 2024.  The order will be placed February 2nd, and that will take about 2 weeks to be printed and shipped to me for packing. Once the order is recieved, your deck will be mailed to you, which may take another week. 

    Please allow at least one month after February 1st to recieve your deck. You will recieve notifications in your email about the stage in which your packge is being processed, as well as a tracking number. 


    For Locals Only: If you are within the loction of Ace By Energy, you will be notified when your order has arrived and may pick it up in person rather than have it shipped to you if you wish.

    Thank you for your patience and support!

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